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Release Notes

OfficeMonk Suite 1.7 Release Notes

May 16th, 2014

Welcome to OfficeMonk Suite 1.7!  In today's scheduled release, we've updated OfficeMonk Suite with new and improved functionality, important bug fixes and security updates.

New Features

  • Multi-Level pricing for customers

Allows multiple price levels per customer, based upon Item Class or Item Category definition. The Multi-Level Pricing tool provides the pricing flexibility businesses often require, beyond a single price level. This is the case for a wholesaler or a retailer dealing with multiple vendors or multiple lines. Also, if the business model includes Partner Programs or if it sells custom products that require a complex price structure.

  • Configurable Sales Tax

Set the appropriate Sales Tax for your country and officeMonk applies this to all required sales and purchases. Additional Sales Taxes can also be added for regions where multiple sales taxes are needed, and you can mark these sales taxes as compound, as is required in certain places.

  • Multiple Units of Measure

Use multiple units of measurement, e.g. buy by the case, track inventory by the piece, and sell by the dozen.

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