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OfficeMonk can help you run your business. Here's how.


Get Instant clarity

The home page gives you a bird's eye view of everything you need to know about your sales and other activities.

Each time you log in, you're first met by your personalised dashboard. It shows your recent activity and lists of your outstanding and recently closed invoices. There is also a weekly report that is automatically generated for you by OfficeMonk showing your inflow, outflow and profit.
One Little Wizard,
Lots of Invoice Options

You can easily create an invoice, a quotation, a credit note, recurring quote or invoice all in one place.

You don't have to navigate through to many pages or windows to complete any sales transaction. Add all kinds of information: due dates, shipping dates, frieght charge, comments, and more.

Invoice again and again with the recurring feature and we'll do the job for you. Just tell us how often you want to issue invoice and forget about it. Great for subscriptions and rent agreements.



Make Sure Things Get Done

With OfficeMonk, you can set different and individual sales terms and discount rules for every customer besides the default sales terms.

Keep everyone happy with flexible discount rules. It's so flexible you can edit them to suit your business needs.


Neatly organized

Put your invoices in lists to track progress, categorize things, or just make sense out of the chaos of trying to bill your customer.

You can easily apply filters, sort and export your invoice list to other applications.



Do More

OfficeMonk is menu driven and you can easily do more with your invoices by email, payments, duplicates etc.



Actions and events revolve around clients, not invoices. Manage clients and contact information

Know your customers by keep track of the balance for each customer and add new ones at the click of a button. You can even bulk import your existing customer list, which makes it straight-forward to get started.



Create professional invoices
With OfficeMonk your business can professionally bill all of its clients and provide them with high quality branded invoices or quotations. Avoid being embarrassed by your unprofessional invoices when collecting payment.

Manage cashflow better

You are your own accountant. OfficeMonk allows you to print your Statement of Cash Flows, Balance Sheet, Comparative Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Comparative Income Statement, Trial Balance, Year-to-date Trial Balance and many more




Accurate Calculations

Payroll calculations done right the first time. Easily add custom benefits & deductions.

Get a quick snapshot of payroll costs, payments, notification settings and staff status.

Customize payslips with your business' information and logo (email or download PDF).


Track and re-bill Expenses

Track your expenses against your clients so that you'll never forget to invoice them to pass on the costs. Expenses can be added to invoices in a few clicks.



Print or Email Invoices
Regardless of where your customer actually is, you can send them an electronic invoice through the inbuilt messaging app at no extra cost to your business. If you don’t invoice electronically then you will be spending a lot of money physically sending out invoices across the world.
Multiple Login Options

Business is already complicated and we don't want to add the stress of accessing officeMonk into that. You can login into OfficeMonk with your Windows Password, your own user password or with none.

By giving each user their own login you keep track of who does what. Why not let your accountant log in to fetch the latest VAT report? Using your admin privileges, you invite new users and block them when access is no longer required.

24/7 Support
If you get stuck we are here to help. We are always open for business - whatever timezone your business is in - so send our friendly support team a message and find out how we can help. You can also look on our forums to see if your query is answered there.


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