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Why Should You Monkify?
Simple. Here are your 101 Reasons why you should.

Everything you need to grow Instant Setup & Adoption 7 Seconds Invoicing
  Invoicing, customer management, vendor management, Payroll, Assets, project management, expense claims, budgets, complete financial reporting – all done beautifully.   We've made it quick and painless to try OfficeMonk - get up and running in minutes, not hours or days.   Reduce the time spent on paperwork and bookkeeping. Saving you 80% time compared to other systems.
Try before you buy Extended 30 Day Free Trial Hundreds of Users
  We offer a free 60-day trial of OfficeMonk. Before you make both a time and financial commitment, it's important that you know exactly how the product will work "in the wild" and not just in a prepared demo.   If at the end of your free 60 days trial you’re still undecided about buying OfficeMonk, we'll give you a Third month free!   Over 900 small businesses rely on OfficeMonk - Wholesale, retail, ecommerce and more
Know 'What You Owe' Email Invoices Recurring Invoicing

Keeping track of business expenses helps you manage your cash flow.

  You can email invoices to your customers in a single click! No other software required. You have total control over your own customized email messages and invoice notes   Create an invoice with a schedule and let OfficeMonk  generate the recurring invoices for you.
Multiple Companies Setup Restore Company File Secure, Private, Reliable

You can manage multiple companies using just one OfficeMonk on your desktop, laptop or server. User can choose which company to create an invoice from.


Restore a company file without having to open it in OfficeMonk first. Use the new Company File Maintenance drop-down menu in the welcome window to restore your company file. Once restored, you will be alerted to the file’s name and location.

  Your data is stored securely on your own server or desktop and backed up every day.
No Training Required! Use Your Own Logo Stay on top of your business
  You are up and running in 60 seconds. No accounting knowledge needed   Professional looking invoices with your own logo and a number of invoice templates  

Cash flow, profit, what you are owed, all at a glance!

Instant Information Configurable Sales Tax Sales Tax Report
  Know 'What You Are Owed' from your customers at a glance. Our dashboard gives you up-to-date key information to help manage your cash flow   Set the appropriate Sales Tax for your country and OfficeMonk applies this to all required sales and purchases. Additional Sales Taxes can also be added for regions where multiple sales taxes are needed, and you can mark these sales taxes as compound, as is required in certain places.  

Quick, easy and configurable reports show all the Sales Tax charged on Invoices and that reclaimable on purchases you've made.

Save on Taxes Don't be out of pocket! Inventory Analysis

Business expenses are tax deductible! Expense tracking saves you money and makes it easier to file taxes.

  Keep track of personal and employee expenses with flexible reporting   Detailed Item Activity report for accurate inventory analysis.
Share FREE Support PDF Printouts

Share your data with your accountant, business partner, bookkeeper or secretary - unlimited users and transactions at no extra charge.

  Extensive help documentation and direct access to our support team via our Support Ticket Helpdesk. We're here to help every step of the way.   All invoices and credit notes can be saved as PDF documents for printing, emailing or saving.
Multi-Level Pricing Email Invoices Customized Numbering

Allows multiple price levels per customer.. The Multi-Level Pricing tool provides the pricing flexibility businesses often require, beyond a single price level. This is the case for a wholesaler or a retailer dealing with multiple vendors or multiple lines.

  You can email invoices to your customers in a single click! No other software required. You have total control over your own customized email messages and invoice notes  

Use your own invoice prefix (eg INV-123). Set up your own employee, expense, asset and product numbering sequence.


Customize your invoices to make them perfectly you. Choose a template,
upload your own logo in seconds, and even pick a color scheme that matches your look.
The result: Clean, professional invoices that let you shine.

Track Outstanding Payments Due Date

FREE and regular updates


Easily monitor and track outstanding payments on each invoice


Set the default payment due date.


FREE and regular updates with no distruption to your business.

Categories Rich, Responsive Reports



Assign categories to your transactions so that you can report on different cost centres.

  Do-It-Yourself report from every module and you will never need an accountant again.   Enter your tax rate for automatic tax calculation
Chart of Accounts Export Your Data

Freedom To Move Data


Create, disable or modify any of the accounts to meet your individual requirements.

  Export any report to your favourite spreadsheet programme (e.g. Excel) for further analysis.  

Import/Export your data with ease without any restrictions so you never have to worry about your data.

Project Management One off payment!

Invoice Reminder


Run your projects like a boss! Send daily or weekly project reports to your clients. Track completion and timelines


OfficeMonk is Self Hosted, which means it is installed on your desktop, laptop or server! You control your data and how it looks.


Your customer isn't paying? No problem! Send invoice reminders within seconds and get paid faster.

Dashboard Quotes



The control centre for your business. Unpaid invoices, recent activities, revenues, expenses, cashflow. All on one handy page.

  Create quotes, talk to your clients, get them approved and turn quotes into invoices.   Keep track of expenses. Sort them by vendors and categories. Run reports and control your finances.
Send Statements Keep Track of your Contacts Truly Global

Sending statements to your overdue clients is incredibly easy. Just hover over an overdue balance, then click to send a statement. Choose your template and send away.

  Easily keep track of your customers, suppliers and subcontractors and their related information.  

Sure there are other similar applications out there, but not many, if any, work with every tax system! You can easily create tax reports when it's time to pay back your taxes.

Select multiple Items Convert Quotes to Invoices

Print or Email PO's


This feature allows you to select many items when creating your invoice – simply check off the items you want and your Invoice will include all Items selected.


no need to double up on work – just select the Convert to Invoice button and your Invoice is created from your Estimate.


Ensure accuracy by printing or emailing purchase orders with both your own product codes and the vendor's product codes.

Keep your IT Department Happy Multi-User Network

Payroll Deductions


IT departments are already strapped for time and do not want to be responsible for maintaining another end-user application. The OfficeMonk team eases the burden by handling tech support and keeping the application running 24/7.

  Have everyone working off the same data in real time using multi-user mode. You can have everyone's computers connected within the same network.  

Done right the first time

Track Everything in one Place Multiple Units of Measure Multi Currency Support

OfficeMonk is comprised of modules & features that together form a robust enterprise database management system.

  Use multiple units of measurement, e.g. buy by the case, track inventory by the piece, and sell by the dozen.  

Need support for multiple currencies? You're covered. Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen. With OfficeMonk you can send invoices in 200 different currencies.

Rich Staff Payslips Pay all staff with three clicks

Payroll Reminders


Provide your staff with professional Payslips that list all benefits, deductions and year-to-date totals.


Select All Employees » Verify Deductions and Additional Earnings & » Pay Staff


Don't miss another pay day or tax return deadline. OfficeMonk Payroll will send you notifications when these dates are approaching.

Send Payslips by Email or Print You’re in Control of your payroll

Bulk Payments


Add an email address to your employees profile and Payslips are automatically sent when they are paid. You can even customize the message that gets sent out!

  Do you need to add a custom deduction? Pay union dues? OfficeMonk gives you full control in adding these custom features without the huge costs others charge – it’s all included as part of our service.  

Put away your calculator - OfficeMonk automates payment calculations with a single click

Complete Forms to File Returns Accountants love OfficeMonk Do Bulk Things

Pre-populated forms for easy filing

  OfficeMonk prepares all of the financial reports that your accountant relies on – general ledger, profit/loss, balance sheet and more.  

Now you can do BIG and multiple things - Send bulk emails, do batch printing of invoices, or orders with just a click of a button

Powerful, intuitive, and faster than a scalded monkey,
OfficeMonk will help you stay on task, find information quickly and act, not react.

Multiple Invoice Update Tailored Statements

Statements to Excel/ZIP


Bulk change the status of multiple invoices at once (eg change 50 orders from confirmed to shipped/dispatched in one go, and emails are automatically sent out).


Remove/Filter  void invoices, Invoices awaiting dispatch and Quotes from statement and invoice history


Besides exporting Customer account statements to PDF, You can alos export Customer statements to Excel or CSV and Zip files.

Late Fees Recurring Expenses

Invoice History


Charge and automatically update late fees



Your Rent, DSTV and other utility payments, etc can be set to recurring by OfficeMonk based on your settings and your accounts will always be upto date.


Track what happens to your invoices from the moment it was created and up to when it is archived.

Email Alerts Convert Expense to an Invoice Queue Invoices

Select who receives email alerts for invoices from Customer contacts

  Useful when you need or re-bill a client for expenses incurred on their behalf.  

Queue invoices to be sent for a future date

Payment and Overdue Stamp Unique Payment Terms

Integrate Barcodes


Payment and Overdue stamp on invoices can be set to show depending on your prefrences


Client payment terms different from default payment terms


.Assign barcodes to items and use scanners for faster data entry and less mistakes.

Never Misplace Documents Easily Customizable

Send Than You’s


We know paperwork is hard to organize. Just scan and click and discover how easy it can be to attach documents and images to all your transactions from bank statements to receipts.

  OfficeMonk features a powerful Package Manager, allowing you to quickly apply any of the hundreds of modifications in our database, as well as a variety of custom themes that change the way your site looks  

OfficeMonk reminds you to send a thank-you note when you’ve received a payment. It’s the little things that count.

Vendor Risk Assesment Decrease Cost Send Reminders

Perform vendor risk assessments - Risk-rate your vendors to determine vendor criticality. Automatically determine your vendor review schedule based on risk level.


Decrease costs & positively impact your bottom line - Identify poor vendor relationships, prevent unwanted contracts from renewing & be more well-informed during negotiations.


Send customizable reminders to your clients. OfficeMonk will log the date it was sent right there on the invoice.

Customize Messages Tag your Products/Documents



Set the default messages for reminders, thank-you notes and more to save time and stay consistent.


Invoices, estimates, products, letters can all be tagged for your organizational pleasure.


Everything is placed where you are expecting to find it.

Flexible Wrangle The Accounts

Create Manual Journals


Save drafts of your invoices and continue editing them later.


Visual Profit and Loss statements show you how much money your business is making and spending.


Create manual journal entries to adjust values in any account quickly and easily.

Manage Your Accounts Payable Employee Mileage Logs Balance Sheet

Use the Purchases command center to keep track of purchases and payables, automatically calculate taxes and volume discounts easily enter returns or adjustments on - or apply refunds and payments against - purchase orders.

  Whether you depreciate your vehicle, reimburse for mileage, or bill your clients for miles driven, you can use OfficeMonk to track your mileage.  

OfficeMonk builds a full balance sheet for your business with a comprehensive list of your company's assets and liabilities.

Trial Balance Organize Your Emails

Great for Teams


Your accountant can export your data as a Trial Balance whenever they want. Your year-end accounts can be handled as soon as the books are up to date and without you having to lift a finger.


Easily link emails into OfficeMonk when you send or receive emails from your contacts


.OfficeMonk is built for teams of one to large agencies. Track time and collaborate on projects.

Find your profits on a sale Role Based Projects

User Profiles

Quickly learn the profitability of a sale with the Show Profit Analysis button. It shows gross profit, margin, and cost of each item you are selling and for the entire invoice.
  Your staff users and employees can add track time against client projects. Generate invoices from finished projects with a single click.  

Each staff user and client contact has his or her own profile page, complete with activity log of past project items and comments.

Searching and Sorting Multiple Invoice Themes Stop Paying Monthly Fees

Search from every where and for anything applying all kinds of sort for every record list


Invoicing has never been this good with the option to easily switch between beautiful invoice themes


We don't believe you should have to pay for an online service every month, just for the privilege of billing your customers for the work you have done.

Ready to get started?
If you haven’t already compared pricing, we encourage you to do so. You’ll find out that OfficeMonk is really an invoicing management tool that doesn't bite! Simply download a FREE copy and use all the features for 60 days. That’s it! There’s no extra charge for customization, enhanced features, or support. You ONLY buy when you think it's the right solution for you.
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